Our Story

It’s just the two of us, plus Lil’ Bit, wandering around the country, and currently in Alaska, taking photos and wanting to share them with others.

Our Team

Marv Russell

Photographer One

Marv has been taking photographs for over 50 years.  He has taken many college courses in Photography, still remembers most of it, and has worked with both digital and film cameras.   He has an excellent eye for photographs and has taught me many things in regards to this “hobby”.  His patience is infinite, and is willing to help people to learn how to take photos.

Beth Russell

Photographer Two

My first camera, was a Polaroid Pocket Instamatic, about 4″ long and 1″ in depth.  Still have some of the negatives from it, It always frustrated me, with no training and no ability to change anything.  I now am on my 4th digital camera, a Canon D60.  Learned a lot since getting my first digital camera, 15 years ago.  I would be in err if I didn’t mention my mentors: Bob Kash was my boss of 11 years, until his passing, and Marv who is still helping me along.


Company Mascot and Traveling Companion

We got Troubles from a rescue group in Kennewick, Washington.  We were her last attempt at getting a “forever” home.  She was grouchy and grumbly to strangers.  She traveled with us all the time, was willing to go anywhere we did, including carrying her own backpack and went back & forth to Alaska 3 times with us, until she passed away on SuperBowl Sunday of 2017, at the age of 11. She was 50 pounds of love if she knew you, but Woe unto you if you got near the car with us and her in it, all fury.  We both miss her still.

 Lil’ Bit

Company Mascot/Traveling Companion version 2.0

We got Little Bit (aka Snickerdoodle) after we lost Troubles.  She was about a pound and could fit in the palm of your hand.  She is now a year old.  What a character!!!  She isn’t as furious as Troubles was, but is carrying the mantel of being our traveling companion which is a big job for such a small dog, especially in Alaska.  We are fortunate she travels well.    All 12 lbs of sauciness.